Online Search for Certified Reference Materials
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The web search engine FLUXearch helps you to find commercial available certified reference
materials (CRM) for optical emission spectroscopy (OES) and x‐ray fluorescence analysis (XRF).

To access the online database you have to registrate..
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Currently, the database contains ca. 9400 metals and metal alloys and ca. 3000 non metal
materials like minerals, plastics, ROHS, slags, cements, glasses, refractories, ceramics,
CHNS, driftmonitors, etc.

There are two ways to search:
2. Search by element concentration
3. Search by code or name of CRM

When you find your requested material you can save it into a cart and continue your search.

4. At the end you can submit the cart to FLUXANA to ask for a quotation which will be sent to
you as soon as possible, normally the same or next working day.

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